When it comes to Social Media and Small Business
the benefits can’t be denied!

Tapping the power of social is essential for today’s business leader. This means social media and small business are becoming essential bed-partners. Let’s look at the many benefits of social media for small business. It’s the reason why your competitors are gaining on you. In some respects, they are even running circles around you. Their leads are cheaper and free-flowing, they are closing deals faster, and people who make purchasing decisions remember them better. And where are you right now?

You’re still struggling with cold-calling, emails, and conventional advertising. A couple of years back, that worked – the leads were pouring in. Today? Not as much.

The proverbial well hasn’t dried up, but the gush has certainly turned into a trickle, at best.

It’s time to face the music – conventional marketing methods are too expensive and most of your potential customers can’t be reached using those antiquated tactics. They are not picking up their phones, your emails are going unanswered, and paid ads are a waste of the paper they are printed on.

cost of reach trad vs dig-digirati

On the other hand, small businesses with a strong social media presence are raking it in. They might have an inferior product than you do, but that doesn’t matter. They are seen and heard, mostly for free, while you’re paying to get your foot in the door.

Like it or not, you have to adapt and your small business’ social media presence needs to grow, fast. It doesn’t matter if you have already played with it and failed. Persistence is key here – with a firm understanding of what to expect, a detailed plan, and a few tricks up your sleeve, you will soon harness the power of social media marketing for small business.

After all, business owners are not quitters and you’re not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Right?